Health and hygiene inspections to prevent infectious diseases are carried over persons under the conditions, terms and manner in prescribed by Act protecting the population from infectious diseases Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia No. 66 / 2004th

For which persons are these reviews required?

Examinations of this law are required for:

  • Persons conducting educational and health activity;
  • Persons who come in contact with the production and trade of food in supplying the population with drinking water;
  • Employees in the production, preparation and dispensing of drugs and persons otherwise coming in direct contact in their course of work;
  • Persons indicating hygienic care, working in production of cosmetics or performing recreation of the population.

What does the sanitary review do?

  • Medical examination;
  • Taking material for bacteriological and parasitological examinations;
  • Issuance of sanitary booklet.

Where to  perform these checks?

  • In the Department of sanitary inspections
  • In the premises of the client (on the ground)