An imperative in the implementation of the national health strategy in the Republic of Macedonia is improving the health of the population by improving the health components and mobilization of everyone who directly or indirectly influences the current state.

Healthy population, in a healthy and safe environment, a sustainable health system and security from global and local public health threats, by providing an adequate level of universal health coverage in the process of providing health services, is a national vision based on the highest level of knowledge which is available and applicable in the Republic of Macedonia.

The representativeness of the public health sector in the country through the activities of the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Institute of the Republic of Macedonia and the 10 regional centers, the health institutions at all three levels of health care is presented through expert opinions, surveys and controls, analytical investigations and risk assessment, in creating the specifics on the field as an individual image, until their collective analysis as a general image.

In the past period, it was a crown to the serious activities in the creation of a modern system of preventive medical care, i.e. as a basic instrument for managing with definition of priority problems and taking adequate solutions at national, regional and local level.

The mission of strengthening public health services is to promote the health and general well-being of the population through scientifically based knowledge, good practices, information and organizational partnerships and the impact of sustainable public health policies.

For this purpose, we are facing the challenges of implementing the world reference standards and continuous monitoring and training of modern analytical-diagnostic procedures, which should be result from the maximum efforts and labor, enthusiasm, creativity and professionalism of all health professionals from the public healthcare sector.

The measures and activities that should support universal health coverage at the national level refer to the implementation of the basic principles of quality, effectiveness, efficiency, partnership, equality, accountability. In this sense, based on the principle of equity and human dignity, we feel responsible for the entire population in the Republic of Macedonia, for their health and well-being.

The Public Health Institute of the Republic of Macedonia as a national health institution is the first line of realization of this goal by:

  1. Comprehensiveness of measures and activities with a focus on the population as a whole and on individual social groups and on the socio-economic determinants of health and the most significant risk factors;
  2. Cross-sector cooperation, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to health promotion – achieved through continuous improvement of cooperation with health institutions involved in the field of public health and other stakeholders in public health;
  3. Scientific basis and comprehensiveness in collecting data through quantitative and qualitative methods – which means public health activity based on scientifically proven and validated methods and procedures used to promote and preserve the health of the population;
  4. Partnership with the population and strengthening of civic initiatives in the field of public health and
  5. Efficiency and effectiveness in public health – realized through the achievement of the best possible outcomes in terms of the available financial resources, i.e. achieving the highest possible level of health with the lowest resource consumption.

At the national level, we will continue to work on universal health coverage in the field of public health, through public health campaigns, health education, living and working environment, disease prevention, because health is a fundamental human right and everyone should be able to access the services he needs.

Thank you.