Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia, for the sixth time marked the World Water Day, on Sunday, march 22, in City park Skopje, this year in cooperation with Kat production. The event was promoted through mediums

The annual release of the UN on the occasion of celebration of the water day which says that Without water there is no sustainable development!

Institute of Public Health, together with the manufacturers of bottled water Pelisterka, Kozuvcanka, Good water and Visiana, children’s creative center “Star”, the chorus “Children of Skopje “, the ballet studio “Eureka”, the hostess Isabella Novotny, Victoria Loba and group artists with Snezana Koneska Rusi through song, dance and entertainment educated the youngest how to care for the future, by taking care of the water!

On this occasion, are it have been  prepared leaflets with information on the status of safe drinking water worldwide and useful and educational information about the importance of water to human health.

Art workshop was opened to all children who came to the event and wanted to create the theme of water. The best works will be donated to the orphanage “May 25″.

The performance titled “Caring for the future, caring for water” transmitted messages about the importance of water for healthy life and recommendations as to care and not to exhaust the resources of safe drinking water, was prepared by children from the creative center Star.

Today, an access to safe water have 97 % of the population. It shows that the Republic of Macedonia is in the group of countries in the world with very high access to safe drinking water.

The event is completed with the manufacturers of packaged drinking water that on their booths presented their products and  event attendees had the opportunity to try branded water from leading domestic manufacturers, which are controlled in laboratories of the IPH.

This year, the World water day processed on these themes:


Ecosystems are located in the heart of the global water cycle


Each week, a million people go to cities


More water is consumed for the production of a car than to fill the swimming pool


Water and energy are inseparable friends


For the production of two steaks is required 15,000 liters of water


Every day women spend 200 million hours carrying water