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List of public information of Institute of Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia – Skopje

The following list will be available at the website of the Institute of Public Health,, according to the activity


  • Information derived from existing legislation: Health Care Law, Law on record in the field of health law on health insurance, the Law on Public Health (Official Gazette of RM no. 22/2010)
  • Report on the implementation of the national public health program in the field of sanitary and hygiene business, which includes information on health correctness of drinking water and food, health safety of surface water and natural lakes, state of nutrition of the population and biological value diet of certain populations
  • Report for reported cases of infectious diseases
  • Report on the reported cases of infected with brucellosis
  • Report on the infected cases of AIDS
  • Report on mandatory immunizations against infectious diseases
  • Health Card
  • Staff in health institutions in North Macedonia
  • Specialist services in North Macedonia
  • network of health institutions in North Macedonia
  • Outpatient polyclinic morbidity in North Macedonia
  •  Hospital Morbidity in North Macedonia
  • condition with circulatory diseases in North Macedonia
  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Register for diabetes in North Macedonia
  • Register for cancer in North Macedonia
  • Mortality in North Macedonia (Source: SSO; Processing: IPH)
  • Information on the types of analyzes that are routinely performed in the laboratories of the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of North Macedonia.
  • Information concerning the state of health and health care of the population in the Republic of North Macedonia, in total and by categories of the population (children, women, women of reproductive age, the elderly, persons with disabilities, etc.).
  • Information and analysis pertaining to trends and conditions in morbidity and mortality from certain diseases or groups of diseases (cardiovascular diseases, malignant neoplasms, injuries, respiratory illnesses, addictions, mental disorders and diseases, etc.)
  • Information on the results of scientific research about behavioral disorders to health and the health of the population
  • Information on campaigns and actions for health promotion, early detection of diseases (cancer screening, screening of hypertension and other risk f nd cardiovascular diseases, etc.)
  • Information and recommendations for a healthy lifestyle made by the IPH in the form of expert material, promotional material – brochures, posters, ect.
  • Information on topics and results of organized educational workshops, press conferences ect. organized by the IPH, World days, weeks, months.
  • Report and Programme of the IPH, as a part of the report and work program.



Information - 02/3125 044
Director – Ass. Dr. Shaban Memeti – ext 101


Prof. dr. Elizavetа Stikova – ext 105

Prof. dr. Azis Polozhani – ext 105

Prof. dr. Fimka Tozija – ext 110

Prof. dr. Dragan Gjorgjev – ext 221

Laboratory for testing water – samples: ext 119 and 116

Laboratory for testing food – samples: ext 290

Laboratory for microbiology, samples and results: ext 289

Laboratory for virology (counseling / information …): ext 112 and 231

HACCAP Course – Marta Ziba Rashidi ext 103

Certification / license – ext 117

Technical secretary – ext 213


Sector for control and monitoring of communicable diseases- Head -chief – Prim. Dr. Gordana Kuzmanovska, ext. 104  (

Department for monitoring and surveillance of communicable diseases- Prim. Dr. Gordana Kuzmanovska – ext.104

Department for tropical, quarantine diseases, HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted infections- Prim. Dr. Zarko Karadzovski – ext. 217

Department for surveillance of immunization- Prim. Dr. Blagoja Aleksovski – ext.229


Sector for Environmental Health - Head chief Prof. d-r. Mihail Kocubovski, ext. 214(

Department of Health food safety As. D-r sci Gordana Ristovska, ext. 117
Department water safety and sanitation of the environment Prof. d-r. Mihail Kocubovski, ext. 214
Department Physiology and Nutrition Monitoring Department of Occupational Medicine and assessment of health risks- Prof. d-r. Elisaveta Stikova, ext 105
Division of sanitary inspections- Prim. d-r Violeta Lazarevska Karamandi, tel. 3147 069


Sector for promotion, analysis and monitoring of non-communicable diseases-Head-chief  Prof. d-r. Elena Kjosevska, ext. 230 (

Department for health promotion and health education – Prof. d-r. Elena Kjosevska, ext. 230

Department for analysis of health systems; medical – health standards and accreditation – Prim. d-r Vesna Stambolieva, ext. 232

Department for monitoring of non-communicable diseases, Prim. d-r Stefanka Pereva, ext 111

Department of economics, planning and development in health- Prim. d-r Vlado Spirkovski, ext. 125

Department for control and prevention of injuries and violence Prof. d-r Fimka Tozija, ext. 110

Department for protection of patients with medical deontology Prof. d-r Azis Polozani, ext. 105


Sector of Logistics and financial – law matters Head chief- Prim. d-r Vlado Spirkovski, ext. 125  (

Department for International Cooperation and Projects- Zana Mustafa, ext, 103

Department of Legal Affairs and normative activity-Valentina Kocubovska, ext 126, Aleksandar Gjorgjievski, ext. 115
Department accounting- financial affairs and analysis of requirements-Julijana Tomanovska, Biljana Kardashevska(ext. 115, 02/3112174)
Department of Human Resources, Public Relations and Logistics-Natasa Dimitrievska, ext. 126(, Renata Caparoska, ext.126 (
Department of Commercial Affairs, procurement and payment of claims-Dugagjin Osmani (ext.204)


Sector for investigation and control of medicaments- – farm.spec. Katerina Starkoska, ext.107, 3147070 (

Chemical pharmaceutical department – PHd, Dr. spec.  Zorica Arsova Sarafinoska. ext 106

Department of microbiological trials of medicaments and cosmetic products- MD. spec. Tatyana Cuculova,  ext. 224
Department of biochemical tests – spec. biol. Branislava Janeva – 3147-062
Department of Biological tests – farm.spec. Katerina Starkoska, ext.107
Department of Cosmetology – farm.spec. Olga Ortakova, ext. 118/225


Center for statistical analysis of health data, journalism and educationHead: Prim. Dr. Dragana Chkaleska Tomic ext. 232 (

Department for statistical analysis of health data and keeping records -Prim. Dr. Dragana Chkaleska Tomic ext. 232
Department of IT Project Management in Health and archiving of medical data -Armend Iseni
Department of Education, Publication and Information -Dr. Vjosa Rechica ext. 111

Center of Reference Laboratories – Head chief Assoc. Dr Zorica Arsova Sarafinovska ext. 106 (

  1. Biological Laboratories

Laboratory receipt of biological materials, the preparation of substrates and disposal of infectious waste- Dr. Mirka Siskovska ext 231

Laboratory of Bacteriology and antimicrobial resistance- Dr. Dugagjin Osmani ext 113 (3147 063)

Laboratory of Virology and Molecular Diagnostics- Dr. Golubinka Boshevska ext 231

Laboratory of Parasitology- Snezhana Cvetovikj

Laboratory for sanitary microbiology- Elizabeta Coneva- ext 114

Laboratory hematological – biochemical tests

  1. Chemical Laboratories

Laboratory testing of food quality– Biljana Chuleva ext 200

Laboratory for water testing

Laboratory for contaminants and eco-toxicology

Laboratory testing of metals- Biljana Maneva ext 200

Laboratory for health safety of items for general use- D-r.sci. Eugenia Kiroska-Petreska


  1. Radiology laboratories – Lidija Nikolovska, 120/202/220

Laboratory of Radioecology

Laboratory for ionizing radiation

Laboratory for non-ionizing radiation



Treasury account – ЈЗУ ИЈЗРМ – 100000000066005

Central Bank of RNM

Account Budget user: 6602500053-531-56
Revenue code: 723819

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