About the occurrence of Tularemia in the Republic of Macedonia

In the last two weeks, including February 11, 2015, the Institute of Public Health received 3 fulfilled epidemiological forms for infection disease Tularemia, in three persons.

At the same time, two application-form has been received for contagious disease Tularemia (the third case application form, according to the current legislation, is been expected to arrive).

The onset of symptoms in the first case is recorded in middle of December, 2014, and the last case provides data two months ago.

All three persons are from Skopje, but there isn’t proven the existence of an  epidemiological link between them. All three are from different parts of the city (Kisela Voda, Aracinovo, Grushino), and are different ages – 26, 72 and 24 years.

The epidemiological researches regarding to possible ways of contamination of infected persons show that patients had contact with rodents or with their    products, or they noticed an increasing presence of mice in the living environment.

Two of the patients drink water from the local water supply, and one of them  used water from a local water supply facility (a well).

The relevant epidemiological services take all necessary measures and activities for prevention of new cases.

These activities has been taken in cooperation with the local government (informing and educating the population about the health, informing health care professionals about the current situation, increasing surveillance and controlling of water supply, providing drinking water – with chlorine and observing the criteria for the existence of protective zones around the source and  the safety areas of local water systems, conducting regular and continuous anti rodent activities, according to a previously prepared plans and programs).