Training Module in advanced epidemiological methods (3)

Module-03-009-1After maintaining the previous two modules – first in Tunisia from 27.10.-11.07.2014, titled “Introduction to interventional epidemiology” and the second – in Madrid from February 2 to 6, on “Computer tools to research epidemic and multivariate analyzes” within MediPIET program funded by the European Commission, under expert guidance of the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) and the Public Health Institute Carlos III of Madrid, was held in Belgrade, the third theoretical module – “Advanced Methods 2: Analysis of time series and spatial analysis. “

The module, which was held from March 23 to 27, 2015 at the Institute of Public Health of the Republic Module-03-127-1Serbia “Dr Milan Jovanovic Trampoline” was attended by 46 public health specialists from 13 different countries including Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia and Spain.

Macedonia, as one of the four countries with accredited training centers MediPIET-program participated with five member delegation composed of specialists in the program, external members and supervisor (mentor) program.

Module-03-141-1The module was opened by Dr Dragan Ilic, Director of the Institute of Public Health of Serbia, Welcome and brief presentation had Dr. Maja Vukicevic Krcmár EU delegation to Serbia, Dr. Predrag Sazdanovikj – Advisor to the Minister of International Cooperation and European Integration of the Ministry of Health of Serbia, as well as representatives of MediPIET-Team – José Jaime de Domingo as MediPIET Coordinator and Dr. Adela Páez, MediPIET scientific coordinator.

Lecturers of the module were experts from ECDC – Stockholm Public Health Institute Carlos III, University of Girona – Spain, and the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Serbia.

Participation in this module and the successful completion of training interventional epidemiology will provide continuous education of experts from Macedonia, by transferring skills of experts from the country and certainly closer to European standards in terms of epidemiological surveillance of communicable diseases.


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