QUESTION: For the purposes of my written exam I need information on the status of listeriosis in the country. Please can you reply?

Student of postgraduate studies in Skopje

ANSWER: According to the regulations in RM as disease, Listeriosis in humans is obligatory to report to the relevant institutions. According to data reported  for infectious diseases available, the Sector of Control and  prevention of infectious diseases in the last 15 years (1998 – 2012) in the country, there is not registered a single case of the listeriosis in humans. But according to a system of mandatory reporting of microbial isolates / otherwise proven causes of infectious disease in IPH registered four charges proven Listeria monocitogenes in 2012 (in materials and a blood liquor).

Sector for control and  prevention of communicable diseases


QUESTION: Polyclinic Gorce Petrov is a direct threat to the residents of the building which is located on the street Boulevard Red Army no. 20 and is just 30 meters from the Polyclinic which is heated by wood and stack is low and mostly all smoke comes directly into the building.It must react faster Polyclinic to connect to the central heating or to switch to electricity or to find other environmental solution, because if it continues, this situation would be equivalent to local genocide. We fear that incinerators burn medical waste, because sometimes it feels smell of plastic. We hope that this problem will be treated honestly because it harms to human health, particularly to kids and babies.

Residents of a building in G. Petrov

RESPONSE: In response to this question  go to the Ministry of Environment through its regional office in the Municipality of Gorce Petrov

Sector of Environmental Health


Question: I am pregnant and three weeks ago, I stood on the spire which broke my footwear. I want to do HIV RNA PCR test. So I wonder if this test refers to HIV1 or HIV2? Also am interested in price and accuracy of the test? And if there is a further danger when testing to HIV infection in your labs. Please reply!

Resident of Skopje

ANSWER: There are several ways of preventing HIV, including:

  • Unprotected sex (without a condom)
  • Receiving a blood transfusion contaminated with HIV
  • Sharing of contaminated needles and syringes with blood in intravenous drug
  • From mother to child, if the mother is HIV positive person

Depressing the syringe itself should not pose a major risk for HIV because they do not know whether it was used, who used it, whether there was blood on it or not, or whether it has been previously used. In breach of intact skin, it can be a higher risk of viral Hepatitis B or C.

Testing for HIV may make reference to both institutions for HIV testing, free of charge, confidential, and under the code: The Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia and at the Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Febrile Conditions in Skopje.
Laboratory of Virology has tests for detection of anti HIV antibodies and detection of HIV p24 antigen. The client can come to our institution where he gets fast, reliable and timely testing. If you want another type of test (ELISA, PCR) you need to have a blue card and a referral from a GP.

Sector for control and prevention of communicable diseases


QUESTION:: I would like to inform about infectious diseases in Sri Lanka and Malasya. I’m not sure if I ask at the right place, but I wonder if it is necessary to receive vaccines (because I read on the internet that is recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis, yellow fever, malaria ..). Does your Institution take the immunization and how much it costs?

Independent Officer at Commercial Bank

ANSWER: All information on vaccination (or chemoprophylaxis)for international passenger traffic as well as the act of getting the vaccination or medical preparations hemioprofilaxis against certain infectious diseases, according to the legislation in Macedonia and International health regulations and recommendations of reference institutions, you can get them at the relevant Centre for public Health or its regional office. In Skopje, contact the Center for Public Health Skopje street “3 Macedonian th Brigade” No.18 (behind the new railway station).

Sector for control and prevention of infectious diseases


QUESTION: There is a Gono-tea in the markets intended for melting kidney stones, which for them, the seller claimed to have been attested in the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia. If you are able, please tell me whether this tea has a certificate from your institution confirming that he is safe to use

Dragica Ljubevska

ANSWER: Gono – tea has been tested in laboratories accredited by the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Macedonia which confirms its corectness. Our institution is not responsible for the safety of tea in terms of the diagnosis for which the seller claims is intended. For that information, you should go to the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the Medical Faculty. We do not know whether there is a study that will give an answer to your question.

Sector for control and testing of medicaments