Sector for investigation and control of medicaments together with the Ministry of Health, based on the Law on Medicinal Products and Medical Devices Official Gazette no. 106/2007 preparing work programs implemented continuously and thus follow the directions of current pharmacopoeias are established standards of recommendations of the WHO and the EU.

In determining the health safety of cosmetic products and items of general use, the Law on safety of cosmetic products Official Gazette no. 55/07, Regulation concerning the placing of items of general use OG 26/83 and EU Directive 76/768 (with annexes).

The goal of the Sector is to be found in trade remedies, herbal preparations, preparations of biological origin, cosmetic products, items for general use and other quality assessed.

The Sector for investigation and control of medicament explicitly define the mission, vision and objectives for the establishment of a sound system for quality control of medicament. Under the joint action with the Bureau of medicament, the Sector defines and coordinates national priorities in the health system.

The activities conducted by the Sector for investigation and control of medicament at the request of the Bureau and the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate of the Ministry of Health.

The Sector conducts activities according to the standard ISO / IEC 17025 (accredited techniques in chemical-pharmaceutical department  and department for biochemical tests).

The department are:

Chemical pharmaceutical department
Department of microbiological trials of medicaments and cosmetic products
Department of biochemical tests
Department of Biological tests
Department of Cosmetology