• prepares studies and projects for implementation and prepares plans and projects for the implementation of health policy and development of health care in North Macedonia, by sector and by type of population;
  • proposes measures to solve specific health problem in the organization, planning and development of health activity;
  • participates in determining needs of the population for certain types of health care, organization and development of certain health services;
  • participates in determining bases and preparing plan for developing the network of health care organizations on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia;
  • participates in developing of modern methodologies for planning and implementation of scientific research in the field of social medicine and public health;
  • participates in educational activities, education and professional development of health professionals from various profiles in the field of social medicine and organization.

Head of the Department for analysis of health systems; medical – health standards and accreditation

Prim. Dr. Vesna Stambolieva – specialist in social medicine