Department for administrative affairs and logistics


Measures and activities under the competence of the Department for administrative affairs and logistics

  1. prepares and legally formalizes and elaborates the drafts of all internal general acts of the Institute;
  2. develops and legally formalizes all decisions, solutions and conclusions of the management bodies of the Institute;

  3. monitors and implements legal regulations of general importance and gives legal opinions regarding the correct change of legal and other regulations;
  4. preparation of internal regulations for the protection of personal data and documentation for technical and organizational measures to ensure confidentiality and protection of personal data processing and harmonization of internal regulations for the protection of personal data with the documentation for technical and organizational measures to ensure confidentiality and protection the processing of personal data with the law and the regulations adopted on the basis of the law on the processing of personal data
  5. participation in the development of measures and making decisions related to the processing of personal data;
  6. performs all administrative and legal work in the Institute;
  7. performs all administrative tasks related to the implementation of the procedure for determining the violations of the work duty and the material responsibility of the workers in the Institute;
  8. performs all tasks resulting from the employment relationship;
  9. takes care of the realization of workers' rights in relation to health care and social insurance;
  10. mid-term planning of necessary resources and preparation of annual employment plans according to established priorities and policies for employment in the university clinic;
  11. implementation of procedures for employment, promotion and monitoring of vertical and horizontal mobility of employees;
  12. keeping personal records and managing employees' personal data;
  13. preparation of decisions, decisions, contracts, agreements related to the regulation of the rights and duties of employees in accordance with the Law and by-laws and collective agreement
  14. management of human resources management system (HRMS)
  15. assessment of needs for training and professional development of licensed health professionals and unlicensed employees; generic and specific thematic units and preparation of an annual program for professional development of administrative officers and public service providers;
  16. implementing a procedure for evaluating administrative officers and public service providers;
  17. conducting surveys and analyzes on job satisfaction, employee commitment and other aspects and parameters of human resource management that affect productivity or are part of the health facility's accreditation and quality management (ISO, CAF)
  18. performs the works in the field of national defense and civil protection in accordance with the legal regulations and general acts of the Institute in this field;
  19. performs the prosecution of unpaid claims of the Institute and other court disputes;
  20. performs technical preparations for the sessions of the management bodies, that is, performs all administrative work for these bodies;
  21. takes care of the intended use of the work premises;
  22. manages the archive of the Institute according to the regulations of office work, takes care of receiving, opening, filing, arranging, separating and sending mail;
  23. registers and files-archives and keeps the acts, takes care of the administrative archive of the Institute;
  24. takes care of maintaining the cleanliness of the working premises of the Institute, for the correct functioning of the telephone switchboard, the fire service to secure the buildings and property of the Institute, as well as care for the implementation of house rules in the Institute;
  25. design, installation, maintenance and development of the information system;
  26. other works are performed for the needs of the Institute and are related to the information system and technology;
  27. organizes and coordinates with other work units the work related to the use of vehicles, transportation of materials and workers when they travel on official trips with the means of transport of the Institute, i.e. calculation and control of the use of means of transport and the fuel and oil consumed;
  28. takes care of maintenance and repair of the building, auxiliary buildings of the Institute, work rooms, installations, appliances and devices and other basic assets and inventory under its own direction and through third parties;
  29. analysis and preparation of a Plan for the type and scope of services, which provides funds from the Health Insurance Fund of the Republic of North Macedonia-HIF for the functioning of the Institute;
  30. preparation of Reports at the request of HIF and the Ministry of Health;
  31. day-to-day management of treasury and treasury;
  32. taking over and controlling the daily turnover and paying it to the bank;
  33. control of the correctness of the invoices that are paid through the treasury of HIF;
  34. implementation of all types of payments through the treasury of HIF;
  35. loading of the financial plans as well as their conversion in the treasury of HIF;
  36. monitoring the execution of the agreed compensation/financial plan;
  37. preparation of salary and payment thereof to employees;
  38. Issuance of certificates for the amount of net salary for the needs of employees and
  39. performs other tasks in the field of payment transactions
  40. works in the field of accounting, financial and material operations;
  41. preparation of monthly invoices for the services rendered to HIF as well as preparation of invoices to all other entities that use services from the Institute;
  42. performs recording of claims and their collection as well as recording of obligations and their payment;
  43. keeping records of materials and small inventory and their consumption;
  44. monitoring of income realization and execution of expenses;
  45. compilation, receipt, liquidation and control of accounting documents;
  46. preparation of periodic and final accounts;
  47. preparation of various financial reports depending on the requirements;
  48. performs accounting recording of the entity's fixed assets;
  49. calculation of depreciation and revaluation;
  50. reconciliation of the assets and sources of assets of the bookkeeping with the actual situation;
  51. organizes the procedure for the annual inventory of materials, small inventory and basic assets and comparison of the bookkeeping and actual situation;
  52. provides expert assistance in preparing income and expenditure calculations;
  53. monitoring and application of legal regulations in the field of accounting, material and financial operations;
  54. performs other tasks in the field of accounting
  55. coordination of the preparation of the Public Procurement Plan, which should be in line with the Financial Plan approved by HIF;
  56. preparation and production of the tender documentation in coordination with the competent persons of departments and sectors;
  57. preparation of the necessary acts from the start of the procedure and based on the report of the procedure carried out in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement (Decisions on public procurement, decisions on the selection of the most favorable bidder, selection notices to economic operators, drafting of contracts for public procurement and other necessary documents);
  58. provides assistance and coordination to the Public Procurement Commission;
  59. updating the necessary documents in the Electronic Public Procurement System of the Public Procurement Bureau;
  60. preparation of orders and monitoring of depletion in accordance with public procurement contracts;
  61. participation in the preparation of the budget; in drafting the public procurement plan; and care for the implementation of the procurement plan;
  62. monitoring the legal regulations in the field of procurement and is responsible for their correct application;
  63. monitoring the conclusion of contracts and their implementation according to the law on public procurement;
  64. participates as a member of the commission in the procedures for awarding a contract for public procurement with an estimated value of over 130,000 euros in denar equivalent value for goods and services and over 5,000,000 euros in denar equivalent value for services,
  65. prepares the necessary acts based on the report of the procedure carried out
  66. publishes a negative reference in Electronic System for Public Procurement (ESPP),
  67. gives directions and instructions to the contracting authority regarding handling the appeal procedure in cooperation with the commission,
  68. takes care of the files from procedures carried out in accordance with the regulations for office and archival work.

The Department for Administrative Affairs and Logistics also includes the competences of an auxiliary technical nature performed by the auxiliary technical persons employed at the Institute:

  1. technical maintenance of the equipment;
  2. securing the facility;
  3. cleaning and maintenance of hygiene in the facility;
  4. other things.

Contact information:

Contact person: Julijana Tomanovska grad. econ.– Head of the Department for Administrative Affairs and Logistics

Contact phone: 023125044 ext. 38