Division for Cosmetology

Division for Cosmetology, within the Department for Testing and Drug Quality Control

Information about the activity performed in Division for Cosmetology

The Division carries out quality and health correctness testing of cosmetic products in accordance with the Law on the Safety of Cosmetic Products Official Gazette no. 55/07, Regulation 1223/2009, List of products considered to be cosmetic products Official Gazette No. 156/2007; List of substances used in the production of cosmetic products Official Gazette No. 89/2010; List of preservatives which use is allowed in the cosmetic criteria Official Gazette No. 89/2010; Rulebook on the content and method of labeling cosmetic products Official Gazette No. 98/2010; Rulebook on the criteria for microbiological and chemical purity of cosmetic products and on the methods for checking those criteria Official Gazette No. 94/2010 and Regulation on placing on the market of items of general use Official Gazette 26/83.

The Division confirms the adequacy of the quality specification and intended purpose of products for maintaining hygiene in the household in accordance with the following legal regulations: Rulebook for placing on the market items of general use Official Gazette 26/83; Rulebook on data about the composition of the detergents that should be indicated on the packaging, as well as general and special rules for labelling of detergent packaging -Official Gazette no. 84/2011; Rulebook for the list of data on the content of detergents Official Gazette no. 84/2011, Order prohibiting the production, sale and use of detergents for machine washing of textile products with phosphorus content in organic or inorganic form with more than 0.5% by weight.

The Division carries out analyzes at the request of the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate and the State Market Inspectorate, as well as putting into circulation (issuing a health certificate) products from the group of cosmetic products.


Measures and activities under the competence of the Division for Cosmetology

Control is performed on the following groups of products:

  1. Products for personal hygiene
  2. Products for hygiene and care of infants and small children
  3. Products from the group of decorative cosmetics
  4. Household hygiene products
  5. Products for professional use
  6. Raw materials for the production of cosmetic products and products for personal hygiene and household cleaning.

The division performs the following accredited methods:

  1. Potentiometric determination of pH value
  2. Determination of free alkali/acid content
  3. Determination of relative density
  4. Determination of content of total surface active substances
  5. Determination of total alkali content

Contact information

Contact person: Olga Ortakova, Pharm. Spec. for drug quality control

Contact phone:  02 312 50 44 ext. 19 / mobile: +389 70 346 296