Division for Water Quality Testing

Division for Water Quality Testing, within the Department for Chemical and Radiological Testing

Information about the activity performed in Division for Water Quality Testing

In this Division, the health correctness of drinking water is monitored, in accordance with legal regulations, the health correctness of mineral waters (packaged); the hygienic quality of surface and waste waters from a health-ecological aspect, through sanitary chemical analyzes (chemical-toxicological analyses).

This Division is accredited (according to ISO/IEC 17025:2005) for the determination of physico-chemical parameters in all types of water.

The Division is equipped with an IC Dionex Aquion ion chromatography instrument for the determination of dissolved anions and cations in water.

The following accredited methods are performed in the Division:

  1. Determination of pH (ISO 10523: 2008)
  2. Determination of electrical conductivity (ISO 7888)
  3. Determination of permanganate index (KMnO4 consumption); (ISO 8467)
  4. Determination of chlorides according to Mohr (ISO 9297)
  5. Determination of alkalinity Total m, Composite p and carbonate alkalinity (ISO 9963-1)
  6. Determination of sum of calcium and magnesium-EDTA titrimetric method (ISO 6059)
  7. Determination of calcium - EDTA titrimetric method (ISO 6058)
  8. Determination of color with a photometer (MKC EN ISO 7887:2013)
  9. Determination of total dissolved solids at 105°C, 180°C and 260°C (Standard method for testing hygienic correctness)
  10. Determination of anions in water (fluorides, chlorides, bromides, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates and sulfates) by ion chromatography (MKC EN ISO 10304-1:2013)
  11. Determination of cations in water (lithium, sodium, ammonium, potassium, magnesium, calcium) by ion chromatography (MKC EN ISO 14911:2009)
  12. Determination of iron by photometer (MKC EN ISO 6332:2007)
  13. Determination of manganese by photometer (MKC EN ISO 6333:2007)


Contact information

Contact personReihan Muhamed Dzumkar, Eng., Spec. for sanitary chemistry

Contact phone: +389 70 285 467   023125044 ext.20

Email: r.muhamed@iph.mk