Division for Health Promotion and Health Management

Division for Health Promotion and Health Management , within the Department for Health Promotion and Monitoring of Diseases

Information about the activity performed in Division for Health Promotion and Health Management

  1. implements/performs health–educational activities by development of global and specific national programs for health education;
  2. organizes and implements/carries out health promotion campaigns, educational workshops, forums, and other types of manifestations;
  3. monitors the realization and evaluation of the results;
  4. cooperates with international organizations with an aim to carry out activities related to health promotion;
  5. provides expert-methodological assistance where needed;
  6. participates in the educational activity and education of health personnel of all profiles in the field of health education;
  7. directly cooperates with the means of public information, humanitarian organizations, associations and organizations from the country and abroad;
  8. carries out publishing activity by issuing publications and health-educational materials (brochures, posters, leaflets, etc.);

  9. conducts scientific-researcher projects in the field of health care;
  10. monitors and studies the financing system of health activity and proposes measures for its improvement;
  11. performs analysis of the material and financial situation of the health care (the Healthcare Insurance Fund and healthcare organizations);
  12. analyzes health care expenditures in the public and private sector per activity;
  13. monitors and analyzes the cost of individual health services defined by the basic package of services;
  14. monitors and analyzes health indicators for health care expenditures;
  15. evaluates the functional activity and health service utilization;
  16. selects, prepares, and analyzes demographic and other indicators for assessing the needs and requirements of the population for certain types of health care (defined population groups);
  17. participates in the improvement of the methodology and selection of data for the economic analysis of the population health care
  18. participates in the preparation and implementation of professional and scientific projects related to organization, economy and informatics in health care;
  19. provides expert-methodological assistance to healthcare organizations in the field of social medicine and health care economics;
  20. carries out education and professional development/training of medical and other personnel of different profiles in the field of health care economics.


Contact information

Contact person:: Prim. Vesna Stambolieva, MD, specialist in social medicine with organization of health activity, Head of division

Contact phone: +389 70 359 765 / 02 312 50 44 ext.29

Email stambolievavesna@yahoo.com / v.stambolieva@iph.mk