Division for Statistical Processing of Data and IT Management

Division for Statistical Processing of Data and IT Management, within the Department for Health Statistics and Publishing

Information about the activity performed in Division for Statistical Processing of Data and IT Management

  1. preparation of programming tasks and programs for using databases;
  2. analyzing software solutions aiming at improvement of designing and programming;
  3. updating and completing program documentation for electronic processing and optimal use of data;
  4. adding/building up and improving health information system (IS);
  5. cooperation with the users during the installation and construction of IS;
  6. creation of the layout of the output information and preparation of system analyses;
  7. creation guidelines for preparation and coverage of data through IS;
  8. monitoring and analyzing the functioning of IS;
  9. administration and maintenance of the operating systems, databases and application software solutions used by IPH;
  10. administration and maintenance of application software solutions;
  11. maintenance of the computer network in IPH and all other external communication links;
  12. ensuring secure/safe and timely archiving of data;
  13. administration and maintenance of data security systems from unauthorized access and use that are of IPH interest;
  14. administration and maintenance of virus protection system of the information system of IPH;
  15. taking care of the correct use and functioning of the infrastructure required for the functioning of the computer equipment (power supply, PP protection, air conditioning, movement control in the system hall);
  16. preparation of publications, information brochures, analyses and other materials through in-design in PDF format for the needs of the Center for statistical processing of health data, publishing and education as well as for the needs of all sectors in the IPH of RNM and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of North Macedonia;
  17. technical maintenance of computer and other technology (computers, printers, scanners, audio and video and other technical equipment) used in IPH and maintenance of the computer network;
  18. carrying out evaluation of archival material and preparing the register of archival material;
  19. preparation of the plan of archival signs and the list of archival materials of permanent value;
  20. storing and handling of archival samples in accordance with the law on archival materials and by-laws;
  21. registering of the documentary material and its preparation for storage and annulment;
  22. implementing measures to protect archival and documentary materials from physical and chemical damage;


  23. systematized arrangement of the archival material for handing it over to the State Archive of the Republic of North Macedonia.


Contact information

Contact person: Prim. Gülten Zendeli, MD, specialist in occupational medicine

Contact phone: +389 71 363 174 / 02 312 50 44 ext.15

Email gyltene68@gmail.com

Working hours: Every working day, from 07:30 to 15:30