Division for Human Resources, Public Relations and Logistics

Division for Human Resources, Public Relations and Logistics, within the Department for administrative affairs and logistics

Information about the activity performed in Division for Human Resources, Public Relations and Logistics

The Division for Human Resources, Logistics and Public Relations applies the legislation based on the Law on Labor Relations, the Law on Health Protection, the Law on Employees in the Public Sector, the Law on Education, the Collective Agreement for Employees in Public Healthcare Institutions in the Healthcare Sector and social policy, and other laws that refer to the realization of the rights and obligations of employees.

Application of the internal acts resulting from the legal regulation, the Act on internal organization, the Act on the systematization of workplaces and the Regulations arising from the cited acts (Regulations regulating the dual employment relationship, education and training of employees, compensation for damages based on injuries , death case.... )

This Division is in direct communication with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration based on the application of the Law on Public Sector Employees, the Catalog of Jobs and updating the data in Human Resources Management Information System (HRMIS), in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

The department, through the person for public relations, takes care of the availability of information to the media.

The department manages and organizes the entire logistics in the Institution.


Contact information

Contact person: Natasha Dimitrievska, LLB (Bachelor of Law), head of the Division

Contact phone: +389 71 223 245 02/3125 044 лок.41


Public relations person: Renata Chaparoska, advisor for general affairs

Contact phone:  02/3125 044 лок.41