Division of Nutrition and Health-Hygienic Examinations

Division of Nutrition and Health-Hygienic Examinations, within the Department for Health Ecology

Information about the activity performed in Division of Nutrition and Health-Hygienic Examinations


Examination of anthropometric characteristics of the nutritional status of the population (determination of physiological nutrition and all other forms of nutritional disorders, from malnutrition to increased body weight and obesity);

Examination of the nutritional characteristics of the diet of separate population groups (determination of the amount of macro and micronutrients in the diet and their characterization in relation to the recommended daily intake);

Assessment of body composition (via bioelectrical impedance).


Health-hygienic examinations are performed under conditions, deadlines and manner prescribed in the above-mentioned rulebook, and based on the criteria that are prescribed in the Law on Protection of the Population from Infectious Diseases

How are these reviews carried out?

Health and hygiene (sanitary) examinations are carried out according to a strictly defined protocol, which you can read it here

For which persons and for how long are these examinations mandatory?

  1. Employees who carry out educational activity;
  2. Persons in healthcare;
  3. Persons who come into contact with the production and trade of food, while supplying the population with drinking water;
  4. Employees in the production, preparation and dispensing of medicines and persons who otherwise come into direct contact during the work;
  5. Persons who indicate hygienic care, work in the production of cosmetics or perform recreation of the population.

For a more detailed examination of the persons covered by these examinations and the deadlines for their performance, you can read them here:

What does the health-hygiene examination cover?

  1. Medical examination;
  2. Taking material for bacteriological and parasitological examinations;
  3. Issuance of a sanitary booklet.

Issuance of sanitary booklets

The sanitary booklet is picked up by the person who has been examined or a company representative authorized to take over the sanitary booklets.

Where are these examinations performed?

In the Institute of Public Health of the Republic of Northern Macedonia;

Payment method

  1. Cash or invoice.


Measures and activities under the competence of the Division of Nutrition and Health-Hygienic Examinations


The main task of the division in the nutrition section is to monitor and study the health risks of the population in RNM related to nutrition, especially the vulnerable population groups, and to propose appropriate measures for improvement, according to new scientific knowledge in the field of nutrition. It conducts examinations of the diet and nutritional status of population groups with dietary, anthropometric, laboratory and functional examinations, and in cooperation with the teams from the Centers for Public Health in RNM, monitors the growth and development of children and students throughout the country.


Health-hygienic examinations are performed in order to prevent infectious diseases of employees in activities prescribed by the Rulebook on the manner of performance, content of examinations, types of examinations and deadlines for performing mandatory health-hygienic examinations of employees (Official Gazette of RM No. 152/2007 and No. 8/2008) and health safety of the persons who use the services from these activities. 

Contact information

Contact person: Prof. Igor Spiroski, MD, PhD, specialist in hygiene and health ecology - Head of the Division of Nutrition and Health-Hygiene Examinations

Contact phone: +389 75 276 136 3125 044 ext.10

Email:  sanitarni@iph.mk ; i.spiroski@iph.mk

Working hours: Every working day: from 08:00 to 14:00