Department for Health Ecology


Measures and activities under the competence of the Department for Health Ecology

  1. Coordination, expert/professional control and supervision of the work of sanitary and hygiene activities in 10 Centers for Public Health in the Republic of North Macedonia;
  2. Preparation and implementation of strategic documents and action plans in the field of health ecology, food safety and nutrition;
  3. Coordination of activities for drafting national regulations in compliance with international regulations/standards in the field of health ecology;
  4. Preparation of doctrinal attitudes in the methodological approach and evaluation of the implemented measures and activities in the sanitary-hygienic activity;
  5. Based on conducted research and data obtained from the Public Health Centers, this Department monitors and evaluates the health-environmental risk of certain factors in the environment;
  6. The Department participates both in the program segment of the Institute and in the application and scientific-educational process of specialists in hygiene and health ecology, as well as other specialists who have to spend their specialist internship in the Institute, i.e., in the Department for Health Ecology, students of general medicine, dentistry, students at the three-year professional studies, postgraduates in the field of public health and doctoral studies in general medicine and public health, as well as in the continuing medical education of doctors - specialists in hygiene and health ecology;
  7. Identifies priority problems and potential health risk situations in the Republic and submits related reports to the Ministry of Health;
  8. Participates in the activities within the framework of the two-year cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization in the field of health ecology;
  9. The Head of the Department is a Full Professor, specialist in hygiene.

Contact information:

Contact personProf. Mihail Kochubovski, MD, PhD, specialist in hygiene - Head of the Department of Health Ecology

Contact phone: +389 70 252 381 / 02 3125-044 ext.14/ fax: 02 3223-354