Radioecology Unit , within the Division for Radiation Protection

Information about the activity performed in Radioecology Unit


Automatic monitoring of external gamma radiation and measurement of radioactivity in the air in the Republic of North Macedonia

The automatic monitoring system performs continuous monitoring and determination of the ambient dose equivalent H*(10) - a coefficient that indicates the level of radioactivity in the air in parts of the RSM territory, obtained as a result of online measurements from existing monitoring stations.. (link).

Determination of radioactivity in the environment through radioanalytical methods for qualitative and quantitative determination of the content of radioactive elements in:

·        air

·       soil ,

·        water,

·         different types of food,

·         building materials and raw materials for building materials as well as

·         other environmental samples.

The determination is made through the determination of total alpha and beta activity, high-resolution gamma spectrometric analysis, and the scintillation method for alpha and beta emitters.



Determination of the concentration of radioactive inert gases, Radon (222Rn) and Thoron (222Rn) in the environment, homes, schools, kindergartens, bathrooms, mines and other facilities, through active and passive measurement methods as well as exposure assessment in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.



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Automatic monitoring of external gamma radiation:

Contact person: Dejan Danilovski - System administrator

02 3125 044 ext.52

Radioanalytical methods:

Radon concentration: